Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture Essay

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Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture Many people think that there is only one method to treat is by conventional medicine, the practice of medicine by academic physician who has a degree in medicine. But there is also an unconventional medicine that has proven effective, used instead of traditional medicine like acupuncture. Where the stitches are tiny needles into a specific area of the body related to the nervous system by raising the production of hormones Anti many kinds of diseases. The practice of treatment using acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in the Far East, and treatment in the West was settled since the seventies of the last century. Especially, after the removal of the appendix for a journalist in the New York Times, and during the surgery was used Chinese acupuncture, so the journalist wrote enthusiastically about their characteristics diluted pain. Even though Acupuncture is the most effective cure, it also has a dark side of misuse. Chinese needles have they believe, and they claim that it's useful for all diseases, including backache and any type of pain, anxiety, tension, high blood pressure and problems with bowel disorder. Although I'm skeptical about all this, but I'm curious, so I decided to try acupuncture on myself. For I was suffering discomfort from a neck problem seemed it resist any conventional treatment. I admitted myself to Professionals acupuncture who happened was a fellow practitioner me and I trust him completely. Then began acupressure specialist in the diagnosis of my condition and began treatment, I was astonished because most of the symptoms has disappeared. In spite of the fact that I'm no longer feel of the pain in the next day, when I looked at my neck and my back in the mirror, I was surprised because I saw redness around these areas only not elsewhere. Also, researchers warn of the suffering of many

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