Alternative Gender Roles

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My research will try to explain and discuss the differences in spiritual as well as cultural situations between men and women gender roles. Hopefully I will give the understanding of why woman have to obey the man in spite of the spiritual hierarchy and why woman continue to play the subservient role there. Gender roles differ in all parts of the world. These pivotal elements of obedience derived from a patriarchal society that expects women to play the subservient position. Is it fair for women to have the same rights as men? Some people would think so. Some cultures have strict rules where the women are not allowed to play the roles of men. Sometimes there is a society that men actually play the role of a woman. Just depends where in the world you live. In ancient India woman played a very important role of being superior to men. One must recognize the Hindu scripture guidelines to a woman’s role in the Hindu society in order to understand their role in Hinduism cultures. This vague generalization of a woman’s role in the religious spectrum leaves open interpretation for woman. For the way they interpret the guidelines conflict arises when men criticize women. Hindu scriptures are the heart of the Indian culture. It’s the way they express themselves in their way of life. Hinduism scriptures hold the highest authority towards woman positions and more importantly how they have to or choose to obey their husbands. Laws are enforced in the community which is to further let it be known that the husband is in total control over his wife. Even though the most powerful goddesses and gods are women in the Hindu religion the women are expected to fill subservient roles. If Hindu scriptures can be perceived as the highest authority, what are the scriptures views on the position of women? Women have the same religious and spiritual freedoms in Hinduism as men. Hindu
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