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Today’s economy at a depression and not looking at much of a recession. There are people loosing there jobs, or working less hours and more companies shutting there doors. People are looking for an alternative fuel for there vehicles to get from one place to another to either look for a job or to get to there current job for less money to spend on fuel. After some research I found that there is alternative fuel available. One of the alternative fuels is ethanol also known as E85 .I found this information on a website that is updated everyday but on the weekends. It also states what the E85 is an ” Ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel made by fermenting and distilling starch crops, such as corn. It can also be made from "cellulosic biomass" such as trees and grasses. The use of ethanol can reduce our dependence upon foreign oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions” (West, 2011) There are advantages and disadvantages of using the E85. Some of the advantages are better on the environment, because it is less greenhouse gases. Another advantage is that it is more resistance to the engine block. The disadvantage of using E85 is that you can only use it in certain flex fuel vehicles. The E85 has lower energy content, which is resulting in a lower gas mileage. There is also a limited availability of the E85. I drive a 2003 that is an automatic 4 X 4 Ford Explorer that takes this kind of fuel and because of where I live there are not very many gas stations that carry this kind of fuel. I was told by a mechanic that you can find it more in the Midwestern states and up north area. They are making a lot of your 2000 or newer vehicles able to use the E85. There is also a tax incentive if you buy a new alternative fuel vehicle and let them get rid of your old vehicles. For the 2010 year it was as much as $4000 dollar deduction. I think that there are not more people using this

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