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Alternative Ending to Jane Eyre Essay

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  • on October 16, 2013
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Alternative ending to Jane Eyre

Jane left Thornfield. She ran out of the huge wooden doors and kept going until she didn’t even know where she was anymore. She just kept thinking how Mr Rochester could do such a thing to her. They were going to get married and then he suddenly comes out with the fact that he has another wife that he had been hiding in the attic for 5 years and it was just all too much for Jane. She collapsed into a heap and buried her face in her hands. She sobbed until all the emotions had spilled out of her into a puddle on her lap. When she finally rose from the ground she looked around. She was standing in a huge cornfield and all Jane could see for miles around were tall corn leaves. She made her way through the mass in search of a place to stay. After the long run Jane realised that all of her belongings had fallen out of her pockets and she had no money or food. Jane searched all night until she found a small bakery called the rolling pin on the edge of a town called Harryshum. She banged on the door until an old lady came out. She told the lady her name and that she needed a place to stay for the night and if she could be so kind as to let her in. The old lady had surprisingly large blue eyes that looked so young and fragile placed on her old wrinkly skin. Her eyes lit up as she smiled. “Of course you can stay here, my child,” the old lady gestured for Jane to come inside.Jane thanked the old lady and walked through the front door into the small, cosy cottage. The old lady showed Jane to a spare bedroom on the top floor. Jane jumped onto the bed and fell into a very deep sleep.
The next morning when Jane woke up the old lady was there next to her. Jane found a glass of orange juice and some toast with jam on the bedside table and devoured these gratefully. “So,” the old lady looked amused, “you must be hungry, where have you come from?”Jane explained to the old lady how she had run away from Thornfield Manor, and how Mr Rochester had...

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