Alternative Ending To Aldous Huxley's 'Most Dangerous Game'

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The Most Dangerous Game Alternative Ending The wind howled in Rainsford’s ears as he plunged downward. Barks of Zaroff’s hunting dogs, angered by the escape their quarry had made, were louder than the sounds of the waves and wind, adding to the song of noise. Despite not being able to see any deathly sharp rocks in the area below, the dreaded chance that he might land on one was huinting him. There was nothing he could do in his position, and he tightly shut his eyes for fear of what would happen next. In moments, Rainsford hit the surface of the warm ocean. His eyes snapped open, and he was able to see the distorted image of some kind of opening in the cliff face. A cave? Rainsford weighed the decisions as he surfaced, gulping in air, almost silently due to the slight thought that Zaroff would be able to hear him. If he went in the cave, he could possibly lay a trap for…show more content…
Resisting the urge to try to make himself any smaller, lest he make any noise to alert the general to his hiding place, or make him wary of a possible trap. He saw Zaroff take a step forward, looking around constantly with every tread. This was it. Rainsford hardly dared to breathe or even take his eyes off of the general for a single moment. Then the general saw the driftwood and seaweed Rainsford had used to cover the large ditch he’d dug. A tap from his foot assured the general that the ground was solid. Rainsford was certain the Cossack man was smiling in the darkness. It was then that the general took the fatal step. The cover used for the ditch was solid to the touch, but would not be able to bear the weight of a full grown man. The general fell down the ditch, and that was when Rainsford pounced out of his hiding place. Viciously attacking the general, and the man taken by surprise, he wrenched the small pistol free of the general’s grasp and pointed it at Zaroff, determined not to let the general pull any surprises on

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