Alternative Ending Assignment

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THE CATCHER IN THE RYE by J. D. Salinger ALTERNATIVE ENDING –and- ARTIST’S STATEMENT Introduction: This assignment has two written parts: an original Alternative Ending, which you write first, and an Artist’s Statement that explains the process of creating the Alternative Ending. Both are due October 10/11 (block day of next week). Assignment #1 - Alternative Ending: Word-process an original Alternative Ending to the novel The Catcher in the Rye. Your Alternative Ending should pick up from a specific point in the novel, indicated at the top of your first page. In your Alternative Ending, include: 1) Narration in the voice of Holden Caulfield. Remember the “voice” practice we did earlier. My notes online indicate convenient words and phrases, as well as comments on sentence structure. Note: You can write the ending to get down on paper your story, and then go back and work on style to capture Holden’s voice. Complete it all, however, by October 10/11. 2) Your story should be in keeping with everything that has come before in the novel. In other words, you can’t bring Allie literally back to life, although you can have Holden thinking about, speaking to, perhaps even hallucinating that he sees his dead brother. But you need to remain consistent with what came before. 3) Do reference characters from earlier in the novel. Do reference events from earlier in the novel. Do reference images and ideas from earlier in the novel. Use those to enhance (deepen) your piece. 4) Create your own characters, images, and events for an interesting and original piece of work. Alternative Ending: Two-and-a-half pages, minimum; 1-1/2 spacing Assignment #2 – Artist’s Statement: In your Artist’s Statement, examine your process as an artist in creating the alternative ending. You can describe struggles
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