Alternative Ending Essay

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The grandmother was the only one left with The Misfit. She sensed that death was coming in her way, sooner rather than later. She decided that she had no time to lose. “You are a gentleman. You won’t shoot a lady!” she shrilled in a last ditch attempt to save herself from the fury of The Misfit. She hoped that he would sink in to her praises and let her off. But, that was not to come. The grandmother’s worst fears seemed to be coming true after all. The Misfit raised his hand with anger. The grandmother covered her face as a last resort. She was preparing herself for the brunt of the anger that the Misfit was going to unleash on her, in the form of a shot. His hand passed above his pocket to his face. The grandmother was pale with fear by now. She was anxious about his next move. But, only silence followed for minutes. The silence unsettled her but her eyes were still closed. Deep in her thoughts, she felt as though as if she had already been transported to the afterlife. Without any sort of warning, “Take your bloody hands off your face!” shouted The Misfit. Jolted back into reality, the grandmother once again started to stare at The Misfit. Nothin’ had happened to her as she had feared. But, in the place of The Misfit, there was a familiar-looking old man standing. “You are NOT the Misfit.” cried the grandmother immediately. “You are the one and only Mr. Teagarden”. “Yes, you are partially correct, my lady”, muttered The Misfit. “The truth is that I am both the Misfit and E.A.T,” claimed the Misfit. He further rambled that, “I had been wearing a mask for all the while.” The grandmother snapped, “You are such a fraudster. I thought that you had died a wealthy man. And, I certainly did not expect you to be a cold-blooded murderer”. “Mind your words lady,” snapped back the Misfit. The Misfit started to shout with anger at the grandmother, explaining to her that
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