Alternative Dispute Resolution Essay

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At work, as in life, it is very important to properly interact with others, learn to communicate, work together, make decisions, and resolve conflicts. There is always the possibility of conflicts to arise between team members. It is important to stipulate an alternative dispute resolution to resolve disagreements. Disputes should not be handled or resolved by a single person. It must be handled by the people involved. Disputes may force team members to look for new approaches; it can encourage creativity, and improve the troubleshooting procedure. However, if disputes are not properly handled, it can have a negative impact on the team. It can destroy the communication, decrease the available team members to listen to, and respect the views of others. It can destroy the unity of the team, and reduce the level of trust, and openness. Alternative Dispute Resolution clause: If a dispute arises, all team members should understand and know what the dispute is about. Every member involved will first try to settle any dispute in good faith through negotiation. If negotiation fails, the team will enable the ADR clause and the members will agree to participate in the mediation method. If the dispute fails to resolve after the mediation process, the team must adopt another form, arbitration. Disputes subject to ADR: • Differences of opinion, disagreement about information provided by one or more parties. • Conflict regarding the appointees to work on specific tasks or the number of resources assigned to tasks. • Conflict caused by prejudice or differences in the values, and attitudes of parties. • Incomplete or past due tasks by team members. Negotiation clause: • Given a dispute, team members will try to reach a reasonable solution. • All members should agree on the proposed solution. Mediation clause: • Members should choose a mediator.
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