Alternative Dispute Resolution Essay

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Alternative Dispute Resolution This learning team is committed to using alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) for resolving disputes which may arise during team discussions, assignments, or other activities as assigned. Any disputes within the team that cannot be resolved within a 24 hour time frame among team members will be subject to an ADR. The dispute in question must be in reference to any rules and regulations set forth in the learning team charter, which was agreed upon and signed by all members involved. The members involved will first attempt to resolve the dispute through an open channel of communication and dialogue. In the event that a dispute should arise between team members that cannot be resolved by such said members, then each member will agree to participate in mediation with the aid of a third party, which will be chosen by other team members who are not a part of the dispute. All team members will be notified of the dispute and the situation which surrounds the dispute. During the mediation process each disputing team member will have an equal opportunity to communicate his or her concerns to the mediator and if at all possible, attempt to reach a voluntary agreement to resolve the dispute. The mediator will not be allowed to serve as the arbitrator during arbitrator due to the fact the mediator may be biased. In the event an agreement is unable to be reached, the dispute will be settled through mediation arbitration (medarb). The members will agree to the medarb clause which states that if a dispute should arise as a result of breach of agreed upon contract, and if the dispute cannot be settled directly among all parties involved or through meditation, then the dispute will be subject to arbitration. The arbitrator for the dispute will be the faculty member for the course in which the members are currently assigned. Within this process the
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