Alternative Dispute Resolution Essay

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause Tammie N Bolton University of Phoenix Working on a team can be challenging. Developing clear rules with detailed instructions in place is a must. The rules that are agreed upon by the group are necessary to maintain a level of professionalism throughout the team. When several personalities are present, the risk is run that there may be disputes. An (ADR) Alternative Dispute Resolution clause is the most efficient way to resolve a dispute. According to Jennings (2006), alternative dispute resolution (ADR) gives all involved, different ways to resolve differences outside the courtroom and the costly price tag of preparing for one. An (ADR) clause is used by the learning team to settle differences present with the members. The team has outlined an ADR clause that will define disputes subject to this. The last thing will be to identify steps necessary to enable alternative dispute resolution to occur in a learning team. Dispute resolutions will be in place should one of or all the following disagreements arise among the learning team members: • A member of the team fails to complete an assignment by the date provided. • A member fails to participate in discussions. • A member shows disrespect toward someone or the group. The ADR will be used only if a resolution cannot be found within 48 hours. If this is the case, the team members have agreed to participate in negotiations with the professor, who shall act as the mediator. The issue of time and location is very important and will be taken into account. The location and time should be determined by the group and mediator together. The final decision is something that works for all. The team members need a third party involved to bring up points that may not have been considered. The
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