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Alternative Actions and Consequences to Mercury Energy Essay

  • Submitted by: dbrowning8db
  • on August 18, 2013
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Alternative Actions and Consequences to Mercury Energy
Debbie Browning
Northcentral University
MGT 7019-8-4
Dr. Abeer Yasin
June 30, 2013

Alternative Actions and Consequences to Mercury Energy
    Looking at the case of Folole Muliaga (Bridgman, 2011) is a difficult one to determine who was right and who was wrong in this instance.   I see blame on each side. Folole and her family moved to New Zealand in hopes of a better life for herself and her family.   Due to breathing conditions caused from her weight, Folole was admitted into the hospital.   Her obesity was causing her to not expel carbon dioxide and she was struggling to breathe.   While in the hospital they were able to get her weight down significantly and placed her on a ventilator.   Once she was able to go home, they sent her with two oxygen machines to continue to help her breathe.
    On May 29th, 2007 an electrical contractor arrived at the Muliaga home to disconnect her power, as she owed a past due bill.   Her son answered the door and showed the contractor back to Folole’s room where they discussed the balance due and the possibility of receiving assistance, as well as, additional time to pay the amount owed.   The contractor informed Folole that he had already cut the lines of power to her home and that the only thing she could do was pay the bill or contact the power company, Mercury Energy.   The man then left the Muliaga home and Folole requested her son to play her a song on his guitar.   Before he could finish the song, Folole began to have trouble breathing, since she was no longer receiving oxygen.   Her son then ran to call an ambulance, but realized the phone was not working, because the contractor had shut off the power.   When he returned, he found her unconscious.   The family realized they had no way to call an ambulance, so the son ran to the next-door neighbors home to call the ambulance.   When the ambulance arrived, they tried to resuscitate Folole but it was too late, she had...

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