Alternate Police Dispute Resolution Essay

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Evaluation of Alternate Dispute Resolution Alternate Dispute Resolution saves time due to less expertise, so therefore they don’t have to go through all the legal procedures that clients would have to go through in courts. It easier for the ADR to make decisions according to the disputes and they would not take very long because they don’t go to the next trial as courts would for decisions to be approved. However it may take time in processing paperwork to verify both parties due to lack of expertise. It has also a very crucial factor which encourages clients to apply for ADR is privacy. This is what clients look for because they don’t want other people watching their dispute due to self-respect and embarrassment. This means that clients may lose their reputation because of the dispute with additional external clients or maybe family members. However information about the dispute maybe leaked by an official via media or the opposing parties or close related members. Also in ADR there is no additional dispute which is often known as appeals. Once a decision is made upon that dispute any one of the parties cannot appeal as they can in courts. However if a decision is made not to the clients satisfaction then they can go to courts which is a disadvantage about ADR. The formality of ADR is easy and simple because in fact it is not very formal so the dispute can be decided in a general way due to the evidence given. On the other hand it can be a negative aspect because the dispute may be done in an informal so therefore the decision is not going be a fair and justified by arbitrators and mediators. In addition representation Also ADR is easily accessible by anyone who is in a dispute and wants a quick and cheap way of resolving the situation. However a decision done in quick and a cheap may lead to a wrong decision being implied on the

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