Alonso, the Tempest

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Alonso King of Naples and father of Ferdinand. Alonso helped Antonio in usurping Prospero’s dukedon in the early years. Alonso may have made some errors in the past, but he isn’t an evil-natured man, because throughout the play he seems aware of his past actions and he regrets them in the end. 1.He is also very naive because he doesn’t notice what Antonio and Sebastian are planing, which is to kill him so that Sebastian cam be king (this is shown at the end of the scene. Pg 83 L199-201 “I see... your head.” 2.In this scene alonso is devasteted because he thinks his son died when the shipwreck happened during the return journey from his daughter’s wedding in Tunis(pg 75 L102-105 “You cram... is lost-”). Also he is a loving and caring father which helps us construct an image of him as a good man. 3.In pg 77 L119-131 “Sir, you may... your own.” Sebastian, Alonso’s brother, blames him for Ferdinand’s death, and also for arranging a marriage for his daughter that she didn’t want. Caliban Caliban is the son of a witch and the only native of the island in the play. He is an extremely complex character for several reasons: 1. Despite his monter-like appereance and his disrespect for Prospero, he has a very rich vocabulary, which can be noticed all throughout the play. He uses it as his only way to comfront Prospero’s power, by cursing on him(notice the way he calls prospero prosper as a despective way), like in the introductory monologue made by him of the scene pg 93 L1-3 “all the... a disease!” 2. In that monologue we can see what type of physical pain he is being put through by Prospero L8-14 “But For...bite me”(monkeys laugh at him and then bite him) “then like... my football” (hedghogs get on his way and stick their prickles stick on his feet”)

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