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JOHN OUMA, 0725136707. July 26TH, 2012 TO THE HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER,HANDYMAN VEHICLES, SUMMIT RECRUITMENT AND TRAINING,RHINO HOUSE KAREN. Dear sir/madam, RE:MY APPLICATION AS A MOTOR VEHICLE MECHANIC IN YOUR COMPANY. I am interested in your job opening for the position of motor vehicle mechanic as was advertised recently in the internet. I believe that have got all the experience,skills and educational background you require in an ideal candidate for the position.I hold a diploma in automotive engineering with a good job experience of over two years working in busy workshops of Marshalls East Africa and Urysia Peugeot ltd companies.During this period I was involved in several diagnose and repair of mechanical systems,diagnose and repair to specifications brake and hydraulic,primary and advanced fuel ignition,suspension and alignment and to continuously learn new technical information and technique in formal training session in order to stay a breast with rapidly changing mechanical technology.I was also in charge of maintaining an organized service department. I am a natural go getter who is result oriented and always leaves no stone unturned till the desired results are achieved.In addition to my extensive experience,I have got strong information technology skills in international computer driving license from my training with IAT ,have got strong leadership skills,excellent communication skills and a customer focused attitude to go along with a high levelof motivation and energy.If granted this opportunity I believe that I will be an asset to your company and serve to my best for the growth of the company.My broad background makes me an excellent candidate for the vacant position.Attached is my resume. Thanks for accepting my application.I look forward to a positive response from you soon and will be ready to resume duty

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