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September 11, 2015 Written Communication I Alone In New York My trip to New York City was a life changing experience. My plans to sightseeing the city with my friend Rose never materialized. However, I was exposed to a little taste of what the real world is like. As a result, I now keep an eye on any taxi driver meter that I encounter. The trip was March 13, 1989, and I could hardly sleep the night before with anticipation. It would be the first time I would fly and my expectations were running high. An exhilarating feeling overcame me as I realized that I would soon be in one of the most amazing cities of the United States. On the other hand, I felt sad over leaving my family and friends, but I was not alone because my friend Rose was coming with me. After a couple of near death experiences, we made it to the International Airport of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Rose and I walked to the JFK Airport immigration check-in desk early morning, and I got a little nervous that they would not find our documents and tickets or that something would go wrong. “I will need to see ID from both of you,” the immigration’s lady said with serious face. I handed our ID to her, and she looked at them and looked at us. I felt as if she did not believe that it was us, and she would not let us check-in. Then the immigration lady told me I could go, but my friend Rose needed to stay. I immediately felt an uneasy feeling in my stomach but proceeded to luggage. After two hours waiting for my friend inside the airport, I realized that something had gone terrible wrong and decided to go to our reserved hotel; afterward, she could contact me there. As I stood waiting for a taxi outside of the airport, it was immediately apparent to me that New York City was not the same as my city in Brazil. I felt a shock wave of cold air in my spine like never

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