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China, the place I lived for 12years Why I chose this topic is because “China” is my country. It’s a famous country and third largest country in the world. Also china’s history is long or far as 5000years, the people are almost 15% or already 15% in the earth, and most of them are very friendly and kind. I lived in china for 12years, it’s a good place and peoples are friendly, some of the people are bad, because they stole things or beating people for a tiny little problem, just like touch or stack on their shoes, they’ll be so mad and swear at you. My school in china is pretty cool, when I go back to china, I always go there and visit my old teachers. The school has a lot of the stuff to play with, and is beautiful at there. I had lots of friends there, we always talk and play outside. My teachers always mad at me, because sometimes I don’t do my work. After my teacher talked to my mom that she have to chat we her every day, so I think about that and start to do some work so my teacher won’t tell my mom that I don’t do works in her or his class, I don’t study for any test, after is the final exam, I work nights and nights, then after the test, I started to stop doing the works till its summer or winter break. In china the educational method is not the same as Canada or America, people only care about the final exam, because that’s the final marks, in Canada is like homework 50% or 60% test is 20% final is 30%, in china only the final exam’s mark is the real mark of the year. My family, I have a big family, my dad, mom, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt. They are all kind to each other. I wish all of them can come to live in Canada. My mom and dad is the person who cares me the most, so I love them very much. Now let talk about the cool things in china, we all play video games, the most famous game in china is Crossfire, WOW, Dragon nest…… I played

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