Almighty Latin King Nation Analysis

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There are instances in our lives that will force us to crash into individuals some may consider unsavory or of despicable character. Many more than few times we stigmatize others wrongly like judging a well written work of literature solely based on its cover, but I have found in all my years that it is in the darkest of situations that you discover the true nature of a man or woman. It is with this premise that I divert your attention to the Almighty Latin King Queen nation. Born in 1940s Chicago, riddled with prejudice and hypocrisy, the “movement” amicably nicknamed “the nation” by its followers has, in its 72 years of existence, fought against oppression and injustice all the while appropriately in some cases being referred to as a criminal…show more content…
Let me first be clear that to these persons the gang is not believed to be such. The A.L.K.Q.N models itself as a quasi-grass roots organization and a voice of the 3rd world oppressed world, in short it is modeled after the black panthers, young lords and near Marxist beliefs. This is not to say that many do not utilize the nation as a gang and a gateway into illicit business and associations. However in the beginning of each new prospective member’s rise the gang paints a pretty picture of the group they’re about to devote time and money to, not to mention sacrifice blood, sweat and tears for. This is the common consensus, and it also seems to be the shared experience of my target group, both male and female. For a male member caringly reffered to as “brother” the picture starts to fade rather quickly as it soon becomes apparent that violence and a macho persona are not only acceptable but expected and respected normal behavior. In this way the female members (sisters) almost instantly differ. Although it is expected that a woman be ready and willing to defend the many aspects that accompany gang life it is not expected for her to be overtly aggressive or tough. The female counterparts or Latin queens are initially viewed as a subservient faction of the nation, breeders and en masse event planners, however this could not be more wrong, this is the majority for many female members but there are some outstanding Queens that transcend these roles and involve themselves in expected “male” behaviors such as violent acts, outstanding verbal leadership and over the top representation of the group or “repping”. These sisters are endearingly treated in the same light as brothers and are respected and in many ways protected, as ironic as it may sound “behaving like a bro” entitles most to be embraced and defended. These few are however the minority and most queens
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