Allusions In Romeo And Juliet

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Allusions in Romeo and Juliet Allusion is a literary technique that is used in books, poems and other literature by authors that mentions something from another culture. In the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare there are many allusions made to goddesses such as Aurora, Echo, Helen, Dido and Venus that are used to help support different themes from the play. Aurora, the goddess of the Dawn, is not one of the well-known goddesses but is seen as a pleasant woman. Aurora’s name means “the dawn or sunrise”. She flies across the sky each day proclaiming the sun’s rising. She has a sister, the moon, and a brother, the sun. Aurora had numerous husbands as well as sons. The four winds were her sons and according to a myth, when one of her sons was killed the tears from her eyes caused dew as she would fly across the sky.…show more content…
Helen was the sister of the Dioscuri and Clytemnestra. It is said she was born from an egg. Helen was known to be the most beautiful woman in the world. She was also the Goddess of beauty. Helen had superhuman strength such as superhuman strength, longevity, vitality and resistance to harm and eternal life. This was only true just as long as she continuously ate ambrosia and drank nectar from the apples of immortality. Helen was beautiful and many gods wanted her. When she was younger, a god named Thesus wanted to marry her so he kidnapped and left her to his mother Aphidnae until she was older. Before Helen had time to grow older her twin siblings Castor and Pollux rescued her. Later on in her life, King Tyndareos of Lacedaemon decided to chose Helen’s husband. He chose Odysseus and the two eventually had a daughter. After a decade, Helen was ran off with Paris, the son of King Priam of Troy. Menelaus called on his suitors to help him get her back. Finally, Menelaus was able to bring Helen back home and they lived together happily.
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