Allusion in Hunger Games Essay

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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins An allusion is a reference, bored and indirect to a person, place, thin or idea of historical or political significance. The Hunger Games contain many examples of allusion. Example 1: •The 12 districts on Panem must each send one male and one female tribute to the capital every year to die in a battle to the death, a tradition started after a failed civil war. This is an allusion to the story of Theseus and the Minotaur in which Athenians sacrificed seven ale and seven female youths to the Minotaur on Crete after being federated in war. Theseus volunteered to be a “tribute” as did Katniss in the barbaric practice. Example 2: •Katniss’ character is an allusion to the Goddess Diane. Katniss is depicted as a warrior woman, hunting deer with a bow (as did Diane) to provide for her family as well as remaining reluctant to engage in romance with either Gale or Peeta (asserting her independence from males). Example 3: Names used in the novel are allusions to Roman counterparts: •Seneca Crane – First Gamemaker – Famous Roman Writer •Plutarch Heavensbee –Seneca Gamemaker – Famous Roman Writer •Caesar Flickerman – Presenter of the Tributes – Julius Caesar, Rome’s first Dictator •Cato – District 2 Tribute – Famous Roman Writer •Brutus – District 2 Tribute – Julius Caesar’s best friend and Assasin •Cinna – Katniss’ Stylist – Julius Caesar’s father-in-law •Flavius – Katniss’ Prep Team – From the Flavian dynasty, a family which ruled as emperors •Octavia – Katniss’ Prep Team – A feminine form of Octavius, the first Emperor of Rome •Cornelius Snow – President of Panem – Cornelius is derived from one of Rome’s most prestigious families, Cornelii Example 4: •The Hunger Games is an allusion to the Gladiator games of ancient Rome. Gladiators of ancient Rome were forced to fight to the death for the pleasure of the crowd

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