Allstates Goal Setting Process

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Leadership and Organizational Behavior – Bus 520 Dr. Kevin Williams Due date July 31, 2010 Submitted: September 11, 2010 Evaluate Allstate’s goal setting process to determine whether or not it is effective Goal setting as stated by Hellriegel and Slocum is not an easy task. It is the process of specifying desired outcomes toward which individuals, teams, departments and organizations will strive and is intended to increase efficiency and effectiveness (Hellriegel and Slocum, 2011). Goal setting is important. Our text describes the motivational aspects of goal setting as follows: goal setting directs attention (maintains focus); regulates effort; increase persistence (finding ways of overcoming problems); and fosters strategies and action programs. Allstate does not use the phrase “goal setting” however, it has a strategy in place for setting and reaching desired outcomes. Their strategy is diversification. Their managers view diversity not as a goal but as a process, a process integrated into the daily life of the company. “It defines who we are and what we believe in, holding each other personally and professionally accountable to welcome all as we strive to win in a diverse, global marketplace (” Allstate developed multiple programs that ensured diversity among their employees. The HR vice president stated, “[that the way to] unlock the potential for excellence [was] by providing the tools, resources and opportunities [for employees] to succeed. Allstate’s competitive advantage from the development of the Diversity Index The United States Census Data shows that our communities are becoming more ethnically and culturally diverse ( Allstate has used that information to their advantage. Diversity is critical to meeting the needs of the communities and customers that they serve. In fact, “inclusive diversity is one

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