Allstate Hiring Process Analysis

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Being new to Allstate is a very different experience than what I am use to. Coming into the company I had no knowledge about insurance besides my auto and renters insurance. Allstate is a business one that is built on caring - a value that has been at the core of our relationship with customers, employees and agents for more than 70 years (, 2008). In the short amount of time that I have been there, I have learned a lot about the company. Allstate human resources had very difficult process when it came to hiring. When I was hired, they were trying a new process. They were hiring people using an over seas company. Management inside Allstate did the interviewing. Then submitted the paperwork to the over seas company. That…show more content…
My position is senior claims processor specialist. The hiring process or this position is as followed, a recruiter will evaluate resumes submitted online. If the selected have the minimum requirements, they will be contact by phone for an interview based communication skill etc. If the phone interview is successful, the candidate or candidates will be asked to complete an online application from home or at an Allstate office. After one completes the application, the candidate will be asked to the hiring office to take a pre-employment assessment. They must pass this assessment to continue in the hiring process. After this is completed and passed, the candidate will be asked back to the hiring office for a one on one interview by managers. The candidate will be asked skill based questions about the job and previous experience. If they pass this interview they will be considered for the open position. Once considered, the selected will be asked to take drug screening and background check before offered the job. If passed, a final offer of the position will be…show more content…
Knowledge of a job position is vital in the work field. At Allstate, you need to know your way around insurance. If not, you have a long learning process ahead of you. Allstate offers many training class to get you ready for the insurance world. One way Allstate helps with improving your knowledge is offering training classes through a Learning Resource Network or LRN. Allstate Insurance and partnered in 1999 to implement the Learning Resource Network, customizing the knowledge management system to centralize training data and meet the unique needs of Allstate. ("Allstate and take training to a new level," 2003).These training classes are to help Allstate employee’s along the road of insurance. In May 2003, the Learning Resource Network passed the one million mark in employee hours trained. In 2002, more than 45,000 Allstate employees completed courses on the Allstate Learning Resources Network. ("Allstate and take training to a new level," 2003). These training classes are available for old and new employees. Classes such as sexual harassment are mandatory and need to be taking yearly at Allstate. The Allstate Learning Resources Network houses about 1,500 educational courses available to all employees, agents, and agent staffs ("Allstate and take training to a new level," 2003). Another way Allstate

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