Allowance Essay

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“Mom, can I pretty please with a cherry on top get that new game boy chip” and the phantom hourglass?” “Puleeze!” said the ecstatic boy. Are you mother or father who has gone mad, because of your child’s endless begging tactics? No need to fear! There is a one and only solution to this! Give your child allowance, and you will never hear a word out of them again. Therefore, children deserve allowance. Do your kids think that money grows on trees? In the meantime why give your children allowance when they do not earn it, but instead get it for free of charge? But, work needs to be done around the house, so why not ask the children to do it. By then, they will get a taste of responsibility, exterminates laziness, and restore tranquility for the parents. There are many additional chores one can do around the house, and in the outside world. One can mow the lawn baby-sit, wash dishes, take out the trash and much more. Picture allowance as a type of financial class that will prepare kids for the future. This will help children realize the value of a dollar, and understand that money equals hard work and time. Did you know that kids could also become millionaires by the time they reach forty? They don’t have to be as rich as Oprah or Bill Gates, or as intelligent either to become a millionaire. All it takes is a little guidance... developing high-quality habits... and practice. By practice it means allowance. In small, baby steps children can progress from bankrupt to a millionaire. It all starts from any amount from allowance. However what are kids going to do when they finally have money in their hands? Of course, they will most likely start scheming on ways to spend it. But, before that they will need to be acquainted with the skills of saving. Saving takes sacrifice, strategy, and patience .Kids these days “spend more than they earn”. This will need to be

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