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Allison Torneros is a young artist/designer based in Los Angeles. She was born on Christmas Eve, 1985 in the San Francisco Bay area, and brought up in Fremont, CA. She has a Bachelors Degree in Design/Media Arts. Allison focuses on the subject matter of 'dreamscapes' and is inspired by and explores human psychology and behaviour, and nature. “As a creature of habit, my art is where I find my spontaneity. I take a reactive process by allowing the medium to do the 'talking': I splatter paint around aimlessly then later paint the images I see in the random composition, as if viewing a rorschach inkblot test. My work is heavily driven by emotion, the things I've read, heard, or experienced, and what it means to be human. I am constantly on a search to find a happy medium: between the beautiful and the grotesque, the abstract and the figurative and that golden moment between sleep and awake. Allison has engaged in art every since before she became a teenager, creativity has always been a major aspect of her abilities. Her imagination was, and still is wild and dream-like, as she created her own home-made comic books, altered clothing and made her own jewellery. As she continued to design and create, she later then realised that her creativity and artistic skills has given her money-making opportunities and a chance to pursue in a career with her level of talent, and in her sophomore year of high school, began freelancing. During her childhood, she was skeptical about who and what she wanted to be, what she would become and where her future would take her. In 2008, Allison has started a business whilst still in her senior year of college. During the age of 18, Allison Torneros was sent an invitation to her first ever gallery group show, recently before entering her first year of college. Over the years, Allison has developed her own personal art style, being influenced by

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