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PATIENT: ALLISON REYNOLDS Personality Traits: Quirky, Strange, Reserved, Sensitive, Enigmatic, Quiet, Eccentric, Peculiar, Discontented, and Aloof. Personality Type: Allison possesses a type C personality. Type C’s are very sensitive and Allison demonstrates that she is indeed sensitive when she pours all the contents of her purse to Andrew and Brian, and when they don’t understand the message she is conveying, she seems to be on the verge of crying, cusses at them, and storms away, and doubles over a bookcase crying. This shows that she is easily hurt at the thoughts of others. Type C’s are also emotionally repressed. Allison displays this when Andrew goes to comfort her when she is crying over at the bookcase. However, she tells…show more content…
Allison Reynolds: The best type of assessment for Allison is an objective test. Specifically, the MMPI-2 Inventory. It is evident that Allison tends to be considered ‘odd’ to others as she carries out odd actions such as failing to engage in the others’ conversation (in the beginning), and scratching her head wildly so that her dandruff would fall on paper. The MMPI test would help diagnose psychological disorders that Allison may have in relation to her peculiar behavior. Significantly, since objective tests are self-reported, and include written responses, true & false questions, and multiple-choice questions, this will help Allison to describe herself. Allison has always been considered herself as an outcast and I believe that by using objective testing, Allison can gain beneficial insight into what traits that she, as a person, possesses. This can boost the positivity in which she views…show more content…
Personality is characterized and shaped by the relationship that he or she had with their parents as a child and to present day. It is evident that Allison’s behavior is influenced by her relationship with her parents. Since she is ignored largely by her parents, Allison’s needs were not met by nurturing parents and this results in Allison experiencing extreme feelings of uselessness, self doubt, and hesitancy. Therefore, Allison suffers from basic anxiety, as she has feelings of helplessness and insecurity. As a child (and even now when Allison is a teenager,) Allison feels alone and isolated in a hostile environment because her parents and (and even her peers,) are not caring towards her, hence the reason why she is so reserved and sensitive. Horney also theorized that there are ways that humans search for security in life, and one of them is moving towards people. It is evident that Allison does this because she does attention-seeking actions such as pouring the all the contents from her purse, squealing and banging her head against the table. This is to seek affection and recognition from others to build meaningful, and useful relationships so that she does not feel helpless or

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