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RUNNING HEAD: MANUFACTURING CASE STUDY 1 CAPACITY Tracy Summerville BUS 644: Operations Management Erick Aguilar, Instructor August 1, 2015 BECK MANUFACTURING CASE STUDY 1 After reading the case study of Beck Manufacturing I will give my calculations of the company’s capacity for the four different machine operation center; I will also provide the main focus points for the company, I will also give the provided amount of the extra capacity President Al Beck will receive without causing another operation to becoming the bottleneck; and I will also give specific suggestions on how President Beck could expand the company’s capacity without buying new equipment for the company. As stated in Chapter 8 of our text “Capacity is defined as measures of an organization ability to give clients with the demanded services or goods in the amount requested and in a decent time frame. (Vonderembse; 2013) Machine Center Capacity pieces per hr. Milling (5machines) (2pieces)60min/hr./16hrs/day 37.5p/hr. Grinding (7machines) (3pieces/min) (60min/hr.)(16hr/day 78.75p/hr. Boring (3machines) (1pieces/min) (60min/hr.)(16hr/day 11.25p/hr. Drilling (6machines) (2.5pieces/min) (60min/ 56.25p/hr. With Beck Ideas of wanting to expand the company business capacity his main focus should be on the financial status of the company, President Beck should also consider focusing his attention on the capacity of the Boring Department as well. President Beck could make a huge

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