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Religion versus the Truth In Plato’s book The Republic, he explains an allegory. He names it the “Allegory of the cave”. Inside of this cave he talks about, are prisoners. The prisoners represent people who have never stepped out of their comfort zone and gained knowledge of new things. For all of the prisoner’s lives they have known of a wall and a small fire. It was until they were freed that they realized there was so much more to life than just that cave. Similar to when we are asleep in a dark room and someone rudely turns on the light and it pains our eyes is how the prisoners felt when they first saw sunlight. Once the prisoner became accustomed to this new light, he went back to tell the other prisoners of the new world he had been acquainted with. The other prisoners could not understand his fascination with this sort of outside world he had gone into. Usually when we don’t understand things we tend to shun them because we are not knowledgeable in them, which is the reason for the way the prisoners reacted towards the freed prisoner. This allegory can easily be related to different parts of our own lives. For example the idea of what beauty and sexuality is. This idea can be seen in a variety of ways depending on how knowledgeable a person is and understanding they are of each individual’s ways. In society today things are constantly changing, as I am as well. Something that has changed in my life is how I view the world and the people in it. I have learned to not to judge the lives people choose because everyone thinks differently. A topic that has changed greatly throughout my life is what I perceive to be beautiful and every individual’s sexuality. From the time I was born I was raised and brought up in a Pentecostal Church. Their views were very direct on what was good and what was bad. For example beauty to them is a person who dresses modestly,

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