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The One Imagine a world in which everything accepted is reality. Everything taught becomes truth. From the weather to religion, what is taught is accepted, and the accepted is fact and truth, no exceptions. Yet in one defining moment, for one sole person, that reality disappears. All things known as truth and reality have been crumbled and revealed to deceptions and lies. It seems that all their life they trusted a false reality. Through twists and turns, trying to find the meaning of truth and understanding just what reality is, the mask of deception lifts and the smoke of deceit drifts away. Following the journeys and experiences of Neo and the freed prisoner in The Matrix and in The Allegory of the Cave, the struggle for power and…show more content…
For the freed prisoner to become fully educated, he needs to complete the four stages of knowledge. First, he would focus on the shadows because they were easiest to look at. “He’d need to acclimatise [acclimatize] himself, I imagine, if he were going to see things up there” (Plato 221). Then he could look at reflections in the water. Third would be getting accustomed to the “dark light” as in the light the stars and moon cast. The fourth and final step for the prisoner to complete was to look at the sun in essence true knowledge (Plato 222). After completing these four steps, the freed prisoner would fully understand his purpose and will be able to educate the…show more content…
The first was being able to recover his eyesight. Because he had never really used his body before, his eyes, among other things, were not accustomed to the light. He asks Morpheus, “Why do my eyes hurt?” and Morpheus responds, “You’ve never used them before” (Wachowski n. pag). In the second stage, Neo has yet to fully believe what his body is capable of in the matrix. Since the matrix is just a computer program, one can do anything, change their clothing, learn kung fu or even defy gravity. Neo, still holding on to the world that he once thought was real, struggles with acceptance as Morpheus and the team continue to show him reality. Morpheus, convinced that Neo holds the key to mass education, challenges Neo in a room generated by the computer program. Because Neo cannot seem to accept this new reality, he only knows how to imitate, using only a small amount of his capabilities. This imitation shadows the concept revealed in The Allegory of the Cave when the freed prisoner could only look at reflections of things and not their true form. The third stage of knowledge, explained as looking at the “dark light” in Allegory of the Cave, is most nearly exposed in The Matrix when Neo and Trinity rescue Morpheus. When Agent Smith finally catches up to the duo, he fires his gun at Neo. Neo, who has still not accepted his role, dodges the bullets in

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