Allegory of the Cave Essay

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In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, he describes how prisoners are chained in cave and can only see right in front of them. They have a fire burning behind them, and they see shadows of people walking by carrying odd shaped objects. These shadows were all he knew; they even seemed to be real. A prisoner breaks free and leaves the cave. When he first walked outside the cave he was blinded by the bright light, but then he realizes it was reality he was facing. He had concluded that his entire life was a lie. Staring at the shadows and hearing the voices he thought were coming from them, had now been proven a great big lie. Many African Americans tend to believe that having material things such as expensive cars, name brand clothing, and big houses is a part of the American Dream. I was one that believed, in order to get accepted in society I need to spend a lot of money to live well. In comparison to the people in America to the people in Plato’s the Allegory, many people in this day in age are living like the prisoners who were restrained. They aren’t allowed to live the wealthy lifestyle like others and of the Allegory; the prisoners are chained and restricted to the floor. The prisoners have to accept where they are and the illusions, as reality, and watch as their existence fades away. The fear spoken of is derivative of the person’s beliefs, holding them to submit by the cultural customs, so they acquire over priced clothing. The prisoners fix their eyes on the shadows on the wall, until he or she breaks free. Therefore, to break free in this world, you must look at substance, folks, city, and societies even the universe has an entire different point of view, with reason. As a result, do not live your life to please society but to view life in a more meaning full way, not only rely on others insight but on reality

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