The Allegorical Goodman Brown

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The story of Young Goodman Brown centers around the allegory of a man put against his past and his goal to reach beyond what heaven will give to him. The beginning of the story speaks of the goodman's wife, Faith. The names of the characters serve as an indication of what Hawthorne puts as religious allegory with the Goodman and faith soon to be up against against an unspeakable evil. The Goodman claims that after this night he will "cling to her skirts and follow her to heaven" (Hawthorne 398).Hawthorne brilliantly uses religious allegory to portray his message of "Young Goodman Brown" The story of "Young Goodman Brown" opens with Brown saying goodbyes to his wife. Goodman claims this his mission is one that he must attend. His wife Faith is characterized as good and pure. She is concerned about her husband and his journey, and her pink ribbons represent her innocence. Goodman says his journey as having an "evil purpose". The devil awaits Young Goodman Brown and Brown replies to the devil that faith was keeping him away-- this is a double meaning, both the human Faith, and the concept of Faith were keeping Brown from his meeting. While in the woods Brown sees his catechism teacher. The teacher is another obstacle that has underlying meaning, the teacher represents the teachings of Christianity and all that is good in the world. However this did not stop Brown from continuing on his evil mission. (Hawthorne 398-400) At the beginning of the meeting there is still some hope for Brown, who must now deal with what he feels is an honor-bound duty. The Goodman believes that he is from a family of good men that would have never been into the forest on an errand to meet the devil. This view quickly disintegrate as the devil states that all of his ancestors were with him as they tortured women in Salem and burned Indian Villages to the ground, and afterwards the devil and

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