Allan Pinkerton: Father Of Private Security

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For Allan J. Pinkerton, his life was one that not even that Charles Dickens could’ve created. Some have labeled him a traitor, an outlaw, a thug (for he was hired to be a goon for bosses). But there are others who see him more of a fighter for workers rights as well as rights for immigrants( as he was one himself) but above all else, he was a defender for all that was right. From his humble beginnings to his rise to form the world’s first detective agency, his life was if not remarkable but extraordinary. Allan J. Pinkerton was born in 1819, Glasgow, Scotland. He was the son of a policeman who by the time of his birth could no longer work due to injuries stastined in the job. Because of his father’s inability to provide for the family, Allan had to start to support his family at a young age. His first work was as an apprentice barrel maker. But it was during his apperenticance as a barrel maker, he run into some local trouble with local authorities, over his membership, in a Chartist movement (an organization that was dedicated to the improvement of universal suffrage and fighting for better working conditions for the poor.) It was during this time that Allan fled from Glasgow with his young bride to Canada in 1842. It was his transfer to Glasgow to Canada in which, his transformation from humble beginnings to the start of his Private Security career. His first “foray” into private investatigation/security, was when he was in Chicago, and while he was in the forest he ran right into a counterfeit ring. When he realized what he had stumbled into, he notified the local law enforcement. It was because of his honesty and the courage to report a crime, he was hired by local merchants to look or oversee if there were any other counterfeit rings. But once again, politics had tired Allan, he moved back to Chicago. It is in Chicago, were “ he was hired on two different

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