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Today based in Toronto, she was raised in Ottawa's Glebe neighbourhood. Her father, Allan Moscovitch, is a social policy professor at Carleton University. Her mother, Julie White,[2] is a labour researcher. Both have long been active in left wing politics. Moscovitch's father is Jewish, of Romanian and Ukrainian background,[3] while her mother is from a Christian background (of English and Irish ancestry).[4][5][6] Moscovitch was "raised as an atheist", and has said that there is "implicitly Jewish sensibility" to her plays.[7][8] At age eighteen, Moscovitch travelled to the Golan Heights and spent four months living in a Kibbutz. She enrolled in the National Theatre School in the acting stream. One of her student works, Cigarettes and Tricia Truman, won enough notice to be workshopped at Ottawa's Great Canadian Theatre Company. After graduation Moscovitch moved to Toronto where she waitered at the Teatro restaurant on College Street and studied literature at the University of Toronto, while continuing to work on plays. She gained considerable notice for two short plays written for Toronto's SummerWorks. In 2005 she presented Essay, a play about gender politics in modern academia. The next year at the festival The Russian Play…show more content…
On This is War: "The playwright’s focus here is on Canadian troops in Afghanistan- a largely overlooked subject amidst contemporary war narratives like the great American Iraq war play Fallujah- and she dives in with a brave eye towards ambiguity. This is a group of four heroes who all do questionable things in a terrifying place, and they all contribute to each others’ misery in some way or another. Moscovitch shines a light on massive issues like sexual harassment within the military without making her play a morality tale or exposé. It’s a story about four good people in a bad place and all the gray area that that produces."

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