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‘Macbeth was the Architect of his own Downfall.’ Discuss IDEAS FOR ESSAY PLAN Introductory Paragraph • • Are people intrinsically evil or are they subject to circumstances: their upbringing, contemporary influences and situation? There is no question that Macbeth was guilty of an evil deed, but this is not the point; return to the question – the word ‘architect’ suggests planning and design – was Macbeth the prime force behind what happened? Forces Which Directed Macbeth (1) The Supernatural Element N.B. The belief in the supernatural in the early 17th century is a crucial point, as is the need for social historical comment. At that time to have portrayed Macbeth as someone in the grip of devilish powers would have been believable to the audience. • The witches – at which points in the play do they interact with Macbeth? (A1S1, A1S3, A3S5, A4S1). Specifically: what prophecies do the witches make? How does Macbeth react? Why does the intervention of the witches occur at crucial points? Other supernatural forces e.g. the ghost of Banquo (A3S4) Macbeth’s desperate reliance on the witches: (A5S3) ‘Bring me no more reports; let them fly all: Till Birnam Wood remove to Dunsinane I cannot taint with fear.’ • • N.B, Macbeth’s transformation of character is psychologically convincing. The influence of the witches’ supernatural powers transforms Macbeth inwardly. (2) Lady Macbeth’s Influence • • Her initial reaction and exhortations to Macbeth (A1S5) Key scene (A1S7) At the beginning of the scene Macbeth has convinced himself that to kill the King would be wrong: ‘We will proceed no further in this business.’ Following Lady Macbeth’s words, Macbeth decides that he is ‘settled,’ and that he must ‘bend up Each corporal agent to this terrible feat.’ Macbeth’s regret following the murder of Duncan – contrast this with his wife’s steeliness (A2S2). • (3) The

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