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All the Pretty Horses A story of romance, cowboys, and the danger of the old west, All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy is a novel that follows the adventure of young cowboy, John Grady. McCarthy has John Grady follow a moral code of loyalty, honor, and courage. This novel not only shows the dangers of John Grady adventures to pursue the cowboy lifestyle but it also shows the romance that John Grady encounters on his journey. McCarthy seems to want to show, through the adventures of John Grady, what the old west was like and also the end of it. John Grady is a young cowboy who has a passion for horses and to live the lifestyle of a cowboy; sleeping under the stars, breaking in horses. When John Grady's father dies and his mother decides to sell their ranch and pursue an acting career John Grady finally decides to leave home, with his friend Rawlins, to chase his dream of becoming a cowboy. Grady and Rawlins are joined by a young boy Blevlins. Blevlins becomes separated from Grady and Rawlins during an escape from other cowboys. Grady and Rawlins make it to a ranch and are hired to work there. Due to Grady’s hard work and extensive knowledge of horses he is promoted to a cowboy. Grady falls in love with the ranch owners daughter, Alejandra, and they begin an illicit affair. When her fathers discovers the affair he hires the captain of the mexican police the arrest Grady and Rawlins. They are then sent to prison and meet Blevlins, who is later executed. Grady and Rawlins fight for their lives in the prison and are eventually released because of Alejandra’s aunt. Rawlins takes a bus back to Texas but Grady returns to the ranch to see Alejandra and to get back the American horses. Alejandra refuses to leave her family for John. John heards the American horses, with men from the ranch pursuing him, all the way back over the Texas border. The novel ends with John

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