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Stereotypes are everywhere, they are a part of our society and ingrained into the minds of our citizens; they are unavoidable. This makes it easier for people to criticize and judge one another, it gives them a basis to begin judging someone even if their basis is not valid. These stereotypes are hidden in places from Facebook to NBC, they are everywhere. Tied together with the recent trend in technology these insinuated “truths” corrupt the minds of our youth. This is shown on both “Is sex all that matters” by Joyce Garity and “Color: Contemplating My Ability to become invisible” by Brian Reeves. In Joyce Garitys essay “Is sex all that matters” she tells about a young teenager named Elaine. Garity has taken Elaine in under unfortunate circumstances, she is 17 years old in her second pregnancy from an unknown father. She goes on to elaborate the fact that teenagers are too frequently manipulated by social media, especially targeting sexual intentions. On a lesser sexual note Brian Reeves “Colors: Contemplating My Ability to become invisible” mainly targets the issue of racism, as a large black man Reeves tells of a story of when he was at the grocery market standing next to a white lady holding her purse and he expresses his discomfort with the racial stereotypes for people of his color. Both of…show more content…
Garity and Reeves state in both their essays clearly that the issue is spread by stupidity from completely capable people that are too quick to think, but just react on instinct. Monkey see = monkey do, meaning if a child is surrounded by racism and people with strong sexual urges more than likely they too will grow up the same spreading this epidemic. Do we actually care enough to try and change? Are we going to help that pregnant minority? (I too must remain aware of my

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