All Student Writing Essay

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pedigree (n): background / where sth come from Connoisseur (n): a person deeply knows & enjoys sth -> like food, music Generic (a): no name, unknown maker (not special) Authentic (a): original / real - not fake Criteria (n): rules / guidelines Diameter (n): how big around sth is Spiralling (v): to go in a spiral Manuscript (n) 1st (very old) draft or writing Millennium: 1000 years To alter (v): to change sth Psychoactive: to act on the brain Asthma (n): to have a chronic breathing/ lung problem Consequently (adv): the result of sth happening Solemnly (adv): sadly Relieve (v): to stop, end, lessen or reduce Elite (a): a small group of the best - social elite Granted (v): officially given, awarded - Because she studied hard, she got a student grant Strict (a): precise & rigorous - he is a strict teacher. Ritual (n) habit, rountine Consumption (n): the act of eating or drinking sth Ingredient (n): one of the things that are used to make a food - The ingredients of soup are ... Fatigue (n): feeling of being extremely tired Traces (n) very small amounts of sth Authorities (n): s.o who is considered an expect in a particular subject - he is a public health authority Adequate (a): enough for some need Conventional (a) = traditional - he wanted a conventional marriage Craving (n): a very strong wanting for sth Concern (v): worry - they're concerning about the accident Cyanide (n): a type of poison Fin (n): helps fish to swim Gill (n): fish uses to breathe Fool (v): make s.o believe sth that is not true - she fooled me into believing she was a doctor Funeral (n) a ceremony for a dead person License (n): an official permit - i have to have the driving licence when I drive motorbike Major (adj) very important Paralyse (v) make s.the stop moving Poison (n) a substance. That can kill ppl if they eat it Puffer fish (n) a type of fish.
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