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Running Head: RELIGION FIELD RESEARCH MY VISIT TO ALL SOULS CATHOLIC CHURCH Margaret Barnes Professor Jermaine Marshall Rel-212 December 13, 2012 MY VISIT TO ALL SOULS CATHOLIC CHURCH: My experience at the All Souls Catholic Church was different from the Pentecostal churches, the atmosphere was nice and the people were very friendly. I’m pleased that I was able to visit the church and have some insight on how the Catholics worship as well as their beliefs. Going to All Souls Catholic Church enlightened my understanding of the way the Catholics worship. The First Sunday of Advent is always a special day for the Catholics, this is known as the celebration of Christ’s coming forty days before Christmas. It was with great pleasure…show more content…
It had very little stained glass windows; unlike the windows that you would see in the Catholic Churches on the television. All Souls had nice greenery around the church to decorate it not to much but here and there, they also had banners hanging from the ceiling and a few on the wall. As I recall “The Order of Mass,” in which the Entrance Chant (a song), a woman did the Greeting then, shortly there -after was a Rite for the Blessing and Sprinkling of the Water. During this part of the service there were two deacons on the pulpit who did this ritual. The first deacon whom I assumed was the head deacon did the blessings and the other prayed. MY VISIT TO ALL SOULS CATHOLIC CHURCH They both were assisted by kids who sat to the left of the pulpit. These kids were dressed in white robes and a belt made of purple material tied around their waists. Next there was the “Penitential Act.” Which is known as the “Confiteor” confession of sins to almighty God?…show more content…
Then there was the Gospel Acclamation. This was when another deacon approached the podium and expounded on the text that was read from the gospel. Finally, the priest approached the pulpit; his name was the Rev. Voor Pastor, he was dressed in a black robe and had on earth sandals. He begins to teach out of the book of Isaiah. He said a few things like, “God is our father, he is the potter and we are the clay. That God is reshaping us. God is preparing us for the coming of the Messiah.” That Advent meant a MY VISIT TO ALL SOULS CATHOLIC CHURCH new day for each of us who are waiting for the fullness of Gods’ return in this world, but until then each of us has to be prepared and ready for the Masters return. His message was short and sweet. Rev. Voor said a lot in a small amount of time. Finally in conclusion the announcements were read, the benediction and church was dismissed. I had some misconceptions on how the Catholics worship but the knowledge that I received clarified a lot of things for me, had I not gone to All Souls I would have never

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