All Quiet On The Western Front War Analysis

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Mindy Hamann Mr. Wetherbee Honors Sophomore Language Arts 19 September 2012 All Quiet on the Western Front Mini-Journals A. In the article “No News from Auschwitz”, many themes correlating the juxtaposition of nature and war can be applied to the novel, All Quiet on the Western Front. Such as when the article mentions daisies growing in the areas where gas chambers had been blown up. Also when the area is described as a sunny day, the trees were green and everything was bright (Rosenthal 412-413). The way that these joyous and comforting descriptions are mentioned in the same writings about Auschwitz really makes these statements pop out and make the reader have a double take when thinking about these matters. As well as in All Quiet…show more content…
In the novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, Paul experiences many atrocious war events which leave him scarred and damaged emotionally, but in the same way other characters carry physical burdens and other such objects. While stranded in a ditch, Paul stabs a French soldier who unsuspectingly falls into the same ditch. Yet as the man slowly dies, Paul regrets this action, wishing “If only he had run two yards farther to the left, he might now be sitting in the trench over there and writing a fresh letter to his wife” and promising “I will help [your wife] and your parents too, and your child…” (Remarque 118). Paul then begins to doubt his action of survival and he allows his mind to become dominated with repentance. This experience leaves him emotionally wounded by the way that the French solider dies and Paul feels responsible for it. Also, the way that Kemmerich is always carrying around his boots that were brand new and not all torn up like almost every other pair of boots the soldiers were given. Kemmerich treasured his boots greatly and they were his most prized possession (Remarque 11). This, in a way, soothes Kemmerich by reminding him of home and putting him at ease. Both emotional and physical weight can help or hurt people in more ways than one and All Quiet on the Western Front has quite many examples on the
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