All Quiet On The Western Front Theme

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yo mama All Quiet on the Western Front Under so much stress and pressure one can only think of how much negative energy can be compelled throughout war, but this is not always necessarily true, sometimes a new family can be created amongst unpredicted friendships from a soldiers comrades. In the historical fiction novel, “All Quiet on the Western Front,” written by Erich Remarque the author tells the story of Paul Baumer’s experience in World War One. Being so young and naïve, Paul and his friends were easily fooled by their former teacher Kantorek’s teachings of how glorious and honorable serving in the war was. Their outlooks on war quickly shattered as Paul’s classmates were slowly dying one by one. In a soldiers eyes at war one may…show more content…
The first example to demonstrate this theme is when Paul talks about his experience with the Russian prisoners, “I take out my cigarettes, break each one in half and give them to the Russians.” (Remarque, pg. 87) This quote holds a great significance because the Russians were Paul’s enemies. This is almost important because one of the few valuable items to a soldier in World War One were his cigarettes, and despite this fact Paul still shared the little he had with the Russian prisoners. A second example through which this theme is presented is when Paul says, “I jump up, eager to help him, I take him up and start off at a run, a slow, steady pace, so as not to jolt his leg too much. My lips tremble as I try to think. But I smile-Kat is saved.” (Remarque, pg. 129) This shows that Paul knew by saving his friends life he could potentially risk his own, yet he still was eager to try and save his friend. As a result, Erich Remarque uses his characters to show how war can bring the best out of people. In conclusion, Erich Remarque provides evidence on how war can have many different effects on an individual. Through this, he demonstrates the themes: war is dehumanizing, war brings out the best in people, and war brings people closer together. By doing so he was able to exemplify how although war may seem to be all negative, good things can also come out of it. These are three very contrasting themes that all came from the same cause:
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