All Quiet On The Western Front By Erich Maria Remarque

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The Horrors of War War has been around for many centuries from the very moment man started to become civilized. War has always been brutal and ruthless from the past all the way to the present. The epigraph of Erich Maria Remarque’s novel “All Quiet on the Western Front” states an accurate statement about war always leaving a soldier physically and emotionally destroyed. One main reason that makes this story so good, besides it being story of how life of a soldier is, is that it is being told in a first-person point of view. Remarque did an excellent job explaining the dangers soldiers had to go through. Also the difficult tasks they had to complete, and most importantly how they become physically and mentally broken by the events they experience. Paul…show more content…
They talk about how life isn’t going to be worth living for after all things they have done. “But what will really happen when we go back?” wonders Muller, and even he is troubled. Kropp gives a shrug. “I don’t know. Let’s get back first, then we’ll find out.” We are all utterly at a loss. “What could we do?” I ask. “I don’t want to do anything,” replies Kropp wearily. “You’ll be dead one, so what does it matter? I don’t think that we’ll ever go back.” (Pg.86-87, Remarque)Kropp convinces himself that war does change a man after they come from battle. Nothing feels the same no more after coming back home and all you do and think about is regretting the things you did in your past. Paul even finds himself a different man after this war. “Speak to me- take me up- take me, Life of my Youth- you are care free, beautiful-receive me again- I wait, I wait. Images float through my mind, but they do not grip me, they are mere shadows and memories. Nothing- nothing- My disquietude grows.”(Pg. 65, Remarque) he is describing how he is no longer a child and has learned to become a fighter prepared to kill whenever needed

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