All Quiet on the Western Front Merit Essay

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Merit All Quiet on the Western Front was published in 1929 by the author, Erich Maria Remarque. He masterfully depicts the horrors of the war based off his own experiences in World War 1 as a young man in the German infantry. Because of this Nazi Germany took away Remarque’s citizenship in 1938. Later on, he became a citizen of Switzerland and the United States. The story is about a lost generation, as seen through the eyes of Paul Baumer, a nineteen year old boy who had enlisted in the war effort with his classmates fresh out of high school. They joined after listening to the patriotic speeches of their schoolmaster but after living through the realities of the disgusting and brutal life at the front they realize that the ideals of nationality and patriotism that their schoolmaster spoke so highly of were simply empty clichés. The war soon transformed Paul and his comrades into “old fold” and “wild beasts”. War destroyed these men. The book illustrations the everyday lives of the solders; the horrifying battles and scenes of the young comrades passing time together in the periods of peaceful breaks, the episodes in the field hospital, and at the alienation a soldier feels at home after his experiences on the battlefield. The book is a must-read! To step into the shoes of the tormented soldiers on the front gives a one a completely new perspective on war. Remarque’s extremely descriptive and poetic style gives the novel a feel like no other war novel. This vivid chronicle shows the infantryman’s view of the German experience in WW1, delivering the novel an eyewitness authenticity and adding to its enduring

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