All Quiet on the Western Front Essay

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A. Christian Lewis B. All Quiet on the Western Front C. Erich Maria Remarque D. 1958 E. The book takes place during WWI. There were many causes of the war; one direct cause was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Serbia and Austria-Hungary were in a seemingly never ending feud. Later, a group of radicals called the Black Hand plotted the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and succeeded. A letter sent by Germans trying to convince Mexico to declare war on the United States was intercepted and was another major cause of the world war. F. The novel is based on the life that one soldier of the German army, Paul Braumer, experiences while in the army during the First World War. In the beginning the author tells about Paul and some of the other soldiers that he works with. One of Paul’s friends, Kemmerich, is in the hospital because of a wound he received in their last battle. Later Paul tells about how he got recruited to the military along with his friends. Paul and his friend Joseph were pressured into enlisting into the army by Kantorek. Paul begins to think about his life before the war and how he has changed from that time. He tells how he used to write poetry, but now that he is in the army he is no longer interested or has enough free time for poetry. Paul says that he and the other soldiers his age have lost their opportunity to have a life. Most of the older members of the army have families and jobs that they can go back to after the war ends unlike the young soldiers, who had no real life before the war. As the war goes on Paul becomes closer with his fellow soldiers and tries to see them for the good inside. Corporal Himmelstoss is the trainer of Paul’s platoon and was not afraid to put down the recruits. At first he was hated by the soldiers, but they later realized that if he wasn’t so tough on them during training it’s possible that they
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