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All My Sons by Arthur Miller Review Summary The setting of this play was in the year 1946 in the backyard of the Keller’s. Joe Keller ran a successful factory with his business partner and neighbor Steve Deever for many years. Steve and Joe allowed their factory to ship faulty parts to the U.S. Armed forces and as a result twenty-one soldiers died. Both men were arrested but Joe got off and Steve was jailed for the crime. The Keller’s had two sons, Larry and Chris Keller, who both served in the war. Chris came back home but Larry was never found after his airplane went down. Even after three years Larry’s mother, Kate refuses to believe that her son could be dead and is obviously distraught and torn apart. Everybody else is convinced that Larry died. Chris wishes to marry Ann, who was also his brother’s fiancé and the daughter of Steve Deever. Of course, Kate does not want the marriage to take place as she sees it as a betrayal to Larry, who she believes is not dead. Ann is ashamed of her father’s crime and has cut all ties with him. Ann’s brother, George was also ashamed of his father too but has doubts of Joe’s innocence after paying his father a visit. In Act Two, Ann is presented with doubts about Joe’s innocence but Chris reassures her that his father is innocent as his father’s alibi was that he was sick in bed when the faulty parts were shipped out. George, Ann’s bother pays Joe a visit and he too wants his sister to break her engagement to Chris. George is more convinced after hearing a conversation Between Joe and Kate that Joe is lying. Chris wants his mother to accept that Larry died but her response makes him realize his father is also guilty because Kate says “Your brother is alive, darling, because if he is dead, your father killed him. Do you understand me now? As long as you live, that boy is alive. God does not let a

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