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In Act One Arthur Miller has portrayed to the audience the chief character, Joe Keller, as an old fashioned ordinary American, with peasant like common sense, who loves to live in the secluded atmosphere of the outskirts and yet a pleasant and genial individual; whose pride ,wealth and hard work has made him a successful business man. Although a man no one could dislike, he has a few flaws and weakness. Miller analyses the morality of Joe Keller as a man who places his responsibility to his immediate family, above all else. Arthur Miller has highlighted to reader in numerous occasions that Keller's life revolves around two fundamental grounds; his business and his family. A stolid minded, boss who finds relaxation, reading the want ads, in the Sunday paper. This prop indicates Keller's superiority, who uses his business opinion even when reading the newspaper. The author supports this fact by indicating Joe's practicality. The quotes: "Looking for two Newfoundlanddogs" and "wanted old dictionaries. High prices paid." Here Keller is shown to fit his title as a businessman who brings out his characteristics of a workaholic, even during holidays. His thoughts are based on a practical environment, by putting useless aside. For example, he does not justify the reason for having two dogs. Two dogs may be companion to each other; however, Keller perhaps thinks it as an expense to the owners, and ignores the wellbeing of the dogs. Old dictionaries are second-hand, outdated and thus a waste of money to purchase them at high price. Arthur Miller has also shown Keller to be playful and imaginative. "Bert on my word of honour, there's a jail in the basement. I showed you my gun didn't I?" "She was running in and out of this yard all her life." His attention towards Bert and Ann reflects his character

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