All Men Make Mistakes In Antigone By Sophocles

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Sophocles, a Greek playwright, wrote Antigone. From the excerpt of Antigone, Teiresias observes, “all men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong”, to show the contrast between a common men who admits he’s wrong and a prideful man that continues to do wrong without acknowledging his doing. Although all men make mistakes, the good man admits his wrong doing and strives to correct it, because a prideful man continues to do wrong, so therefore “the only crime is pride”. Mankind makes mistakes throughout life, because we are human and no one is perfect. It takes good man to acknowledge he is wrong and to admit to the wrong doing. The prideful man won’t admit to his wrongness, so therefore he commits the same…show more content…
Drugs and medications are very dangerous, and if given wrong they could cause death. When one gives a patient their medicine, they are supposed to check it at least three times to make sure it’s for the right patient, before giving it. We all know that time gets the best of some of us and we try to cut some procedures short to save time. I have witnessed once or twice medicine being given to the wrong patient, the first time it was caught in time, the second time; there was no stopping or correcting it. The nurse came realize it, but didn’t report it. A couple days went by and the patient was having allergic reactions and their blood pressure was really high. When questioned if there was any way the patient had got the wrong medicine, the nurse answered no, she checked it three times like she was supposed to. She was afraid of losing her job and having her licenses pulled. Her pride got the best of her, but the medicine she gave almost got the best of her patient. If she would have admitted to giving the wrong medicine, they could probably corrected the mistake with some other medicine, but who knew what the patient had already had, since their blood pressure was sky high and an allergic reaction was taking place. The only crime committed was pride, who knows if she’ll ever commit it again. Yes, we all make mistakes, but if she would have put her pride to the side and was worried any about the patient, she would have admitted to her wrong

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