All Men Are Equal

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The idea of equality has been present in every society since slavery has been abolished and even previously, with the rise of the catholic religion. In spite of this, many people still think that as others are different in culture or religion, for example, they have not for the same rights. But, shouldn’t we all have the same rights just for being human beings? We think of inequality as something far away that does not involve us and it is only an act of people who hate others. Actually, education brings inequality and disequilibrium. Here in Argentina, not all children get the same level of education. Some receive a higher level, whilst others are given a very low one. The ones who receive a better education have more possibilities in the future but those who do not, will tend, in general, not to succeed in the same way. Besides, education is the basis to build a person and a society and by giving our future different types of education we are encouraging discrimination and disparity. Unfortunately, our present situation in Argentina, according to education, is not the best we can have. Most people do not have a choice and it is not their fault to receive a kind of education they shouldn’t. The government does not provide the type of education needed and that is why disparity grows. Some people can afford a higher level of education while others can’t. However, kids have all the right to receive the same basic education. Another common case in Argentina, around adolescents, is that in many bars or disco’s some people are not allowed in. The guards at the doors are the ones who decide who can enter and who cannot. Everything relies on the target of the bar. If you are not the kind of person that usually goes to that place, because of your personal aspect you are not allowed in. If someone doesn’t have the aspect for the target of the bar, he will be out of place
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