All Men Are Equal, but Some Men Are More Equal

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In the novel, Animal Farm, George Orwell rewrote the statement from the Declaration of Independence. Some think and politicians say that we’ve finally gotten past the rich and poor divide. And most will say that segregation of race is completely over, but is it? Equality is a very noble concept, but we all aren’t equal no matter which document says so. The pigs in Animal Farm believed that they were more equal, or better, than all the rest of the animals on the farm. In comparison, most politicians believe that about certain American people. George Orwell’s quote means that all men are created equal, but if someone was to be given an advantage, they become “more equal”. Relatively speaking, if you were to say that two things were colorful, it doesn’t specify how colorful they each are. One could be “more colorful” than the other. Just like some animals on the farm were “more equal”. In Animal Farm, after Major dies everything about the farm prospers. But Napoleon and Snowball battle for power, and when Napoleon wins that battle, everything goes down the drain from there. The pigs get to make all the decisions and no other animal can say or do anything about it without getting slaughtered. In this example, the pigs are more equal than all the animals on the farm. So much so, that they are willing to kill to keep their status. This story has a lot to do with communism and the Russian Revolution. In the novel, Mr. Jones is very similar to Czar Nicholas II. Mr. Jones was irresponsible to his animals (let them starve), was sometimes very cruel by whipping them and then sometimes was kind by mixing milk into the animal mash. Czar Nicholas II was a poor leader even at best, compared with other western kings, he was cruel with his opponents, and was sometimes kind because he would hire students as spies to make money. Old Major would be compared to
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