All Men Are Created Equal

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All Men are Created Equal “All Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…” The second sentence of the Declaration of Independence, demonstrates the American view that all men and women are created equal, leading to the well-established thought that all men and women should be treated equally. Universities and colleges in the state of Texas began to feel the pressure to represent minority groups in their schools to uphold this idea of equality. The “Top 10%” rule in the state of Texas is a rule used to try and allow for all persons to be admitted to the public universities and colleges in Texas without race, sex, or socioeconomic background being the main determinant. Fisher v. the University of Texas at Austin is a case that is currently investigating institutions like the University of Texas and their view on race in their admission process. Everyone wants an edge on their college applications; however, the color of your skin should not be considered an advantage or disadvantage for students applying. Colleges are battlegrounds for numerous morals, academic and political beliefs. The college admissions committee should not add another weapon to their campuses by using race as a determining factor in the admission of students. Their acceptance should be based on hard work, determination, and the knowledge and skills gained in school leading up to college admissions. These factors, proven by transcripts, standardized test scores, and a resume will lead to a well-prepared incoming freshmen class that will excel at their respective universities. A person’s ability to learn, and retain that knowledge, is not defined by their race. Factoring in race of a student is counter-productive to racial equality. It is admitting that we are not all equal, and that certain races will be treated favorably compared to
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