All Fair in Love and War Discriminology and Violence

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Luis Martinez Luis Perez block B. Mr.Marquel 4/1/11 “This American life project” “all fair in love + war” interviews Ms.Tovar & Ms.Pham my partner in this project is Luis Perez our theme is “all fair in love + war” the topic is some people fight for love and people fight for war. me and my partner interpret the theme by making connections of what it means or what might mean to others. the topic connects to the theme because as people read the theme it could mean something else to others and not just the same thing. For the interviews me and my partner were responsible for one interview each and we both made questions for the interviews. The people we interview were Ms.Pham and Ms.Tovar the school staffs of the high school Libra Academy it was conducted in their classroom. the reason we choose Ms.Tovar is because we wanted to get a perspective of our theme from an older age and with experience in love or in a view of war. Also the reason we choose Ms.Pham it’s because we wanted a different perspective from someone young and still willing to make more progress in life. The things we hope to learn is the knowledge of their perspective of our theme. As we interview Ms.Tovar she had many knowledge to share and gave us advise as how she began her career and what were her difficulties in her life such as getting into schools. Also we learned of how her experience getting married and she explain how our theme means to her in her own words. When I interview Ms.Pham I learned how she had to go through school and her difficulties off school. She also talk about what our theme means to her. As me and my

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