All Eyes On Gaga

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All Eyes on Gaga In America, we live in a country of fast cars, fast money and strive to be the best at anything and everything we do. Why should our music be any different? Most of the music we listen to today deals with riches, fame, and the lavish life. Artists do whatever it takes to get the attention of its consumers. Whether that be by their appearance, by the music they sing, or by the actions they do off the stage. A pop star by the name of Lady Gaga, who is known for being anything but conservative, recently appeared at an awards show dressed from head to toe in meat. Some critics see the stunt as disrespectful and uncalled for, but I see it as a way to get attention, and attention she did receive. Stefani Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga was born in Yokers, New York. She learned to play the piano by ear at the age of four, performed open mic nights at the age of fourteen, and was one of twenty people to gain early admission into New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. By the age of twenty, she was a songwriter for Interscope Records. All of this before she hit it big with her hit single, “Just Dance,” which really jump started her whole music career. Once this single had become a hit, Lady Gaga did not look back. Not only was her music famous for her catchy yet vulgar lyrics but her eccentric and flaunting style seemed to be all the buzz when Lady Gaga’s name was brought to attention. With dresses such as the “Planets dress” in which she wore for the 2010 Grammy’s and the “Condoms dress” she wore on Good Morning America is the recent exposure of the “Meat dress” really that shocking to us pop culture fans? I believe it is safe to say that Lady Gaga’s style is a unique one that catches the eye of her audiences. But is this not what makes a pop star indeed a pop star? One who catches the ear or in this case eye of its’ fans? If I could

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