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Report: All Electric Aircraft (AEA) Concept To: Board of Directors March 2014 Contents Summary 4 Introduction 4 [pic] Comparison of an AEA aircraft and current fleet 5 Benefits of an AEA aircraft 6 i. Basis of chosen reference 6 ii. Other publications that author references 6 iii. Citation of reference by other authors 6 iv. Reliability of reference 6 More Electric Aircraft 7 Comparison of MEA and AEA aircrafts 8 Conclusion 9 [pic] Figures Figure 1 6 Figure 2 7 Figure 3 10 Figure 4 12 Figure 5 14 Abbreviations CAA Civil Aviation Authority CO2 Carbon Dioxide ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation UK United Kingdom AEA All Electric Aircraft MEA More Electric Aircraft IDEA Integrated Digital Electrical Airplane Summary This report explains the All Electric Aircraft (AEA) concept and examines various aspects such as the comparison between the basic fleet of Boeing 777 or Airbus 321 aircraft and the AEA aircraft. In addition, the More Electric Aircraft (MEA) concept will also be discussed and analysed. Introduction As the operations manager of British Airways, my job is to create strategies to improve productivity and efficiency within our business. As British Airways is the largest airline based on fleet size in the United Kingdom, I have been tasked to explain the AEA concept which may be a great addition to our current fleet. The concept of the All Electric Aircraft was introduced in the mid-1950s where aircrafts like the Bristol Brabazon and the Vickers Valiant V-Bomber where the first aircrafts with electrical components. The Brabazon had electric engine controls whereas most of the V-bomber’s systems where electric including the flaps and landing gear of the aircraft. Over the years, there has

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